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Rabbi Elie Feder PhD

Elie Feder earned a PhD in mathematics from the CUNY Graduate Center and received Rabbinic ordination from Rabbi Yisrael Chait. Since 2004, Elie has been a mathematics professor at Kingsborough Community College. He has published many papers and delivered numerous talks in graph theory, which is his field of mathematical research. As a teacher, Elie has a passion for simplifying complex topics for his students. Recently, he authored a book "Gematria Refigured," which presents a rational, nonmystical approach to gematria as a tool of uncovering the significance of quantity and fine tuning in Torah, life, and the universe. For more information, you can visit Elie’s website,, and listen to his podcast, Gematria Refigured+. Elie resides in Far Rockaway, New York, with his wife and their four children.

Meet The Show's Hosts

Rabbi Elie Feder PhD

About the Show

On this podcast, we discuss some of the most fascinating developments in physics and make a convincing argument that they point directly to the existence of God. Over the past few decades, scientists have discovered very special features of the natural world, features which are absolutely necessary for the existence of our complex and ordered universe. Most specifically, we have the constants of nature, numbers whose precise values seem almost too perfect to be explained by chance alone. This is called fine tuning. On Physics to God, we explain it all in a language that you can understand. We show you how our universe's special features present a great mystery, and that the solution to this mystery demonstrates the existence of an intelligent cause of the universe.

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Can Science Prove God?

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Rabbi Aaron Zimmer

After earning a physics degree and receiving rabbinical ordination from Rabbi Yisrael Chait, Aaron Zimmer considered furthering his education through graduate school. However, his intellectual curiosity extended far beyond the realm of physics, encompassing a diverse array of fields, including philosophy, mathematics, and psychology. Capitalizing on his blend of analytical and philosophical skills, Aaron utilized his personal resources to venture into commodity futures trading. This endeavor involved commodities such as oil, natural gas, cotton, sugar, and coffee. His strategic approach was deeply rooted in the conceptual frameworks of physics and the Brisker Method for Talmudic analysis. After an eleven-year career marked by success in commodity trading, Aaron decided to retire. In his retirement, Aaron channels his intellectual energy into studying various branches of knowledge, including the Talmud and physics. He resides in Lawrence, New York, along with his wife and their five children.

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Rabbi Aaron Zimmer

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